2020 Vision

Real Estate

January 2020

 Happy New Year!

In Livingston, the market continues to be strong.  Comparing 2018 to 2019, the performance metrics are almost the same.

2019 – 384 Sales, List to sale ratio 98%, Average sale price $720K, Average Days on Market 49

2018 – 391 Sales, List to sale ratio 99%, Average sale price $718K, Average days on market 43


One of my other favorite towns is Madison. While the market was ever so slightly slower in 2019, it still is in a strong market.

 2019 – 197 Sales, 98.4% list to sale ratio, AVG sale $888k, 44 AVG days on market

2018 – 161 sales, 97.8 list to sale ratio, AVG sale $871K, 66 AVG days on market


The New Year always brings thoughts of setting goals:

Healthier lifestyle – Have you tried Juniper Yoga in Montclair?  Love a warm workout room in the winter!

Travel – Grabbing some warmth in Mexico (more on that next month)

Household projects. - Even if you’re not planning on moving, it’s never too early to maintain your home, and get rid of clutter.  New garage door is on my list this year.  Did you know it’s one of the best investments you can make for home improvements? 


No matter what your goals are, wishing you success in 2020 – the year for seeing clearly!  2020 vision!