"B" Well

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My wish for you is to “B” Well.  Together we can break this chain of spreading the virus by lying low and heightened hygiene.  We have an opportunity to evolve from this.  If you work in an office, I hope your company will have systems in place to allow you the freedom to work from home.  Not just now, but in the future when you have a need to do so.  We have an opportunity to learn how to carry on in the face of adversity.  To continue to have consideration for others.  To not let fear get the best of us.   We have an opportunity to catch up on some e-learning.  I’ve been learning how QiGong can boost your immune system.  Clean out a closet.  Take time to exercise.  Be with family and your pet.  Worry does not help.  Awareness and being smart about your actions does.  This will pass.  We are resilient. 

“B” Well!