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Forever Home

Are you thinking about what your next home will look like?  Are you thinking it will be your “Forever Home”?  What features are important to you?  Is it one floor living?

Both my parents and in-laws moved to townhomes later in life.  They managed the stairs for quite a while; however, 3 of them eventually needed one floor living.  (My mother-in-law is still managing the stairs and calls them her friend!”  At some point most of us need a bedroom and bath on the main floor.  Even at 31, I needed that when I broke my leg.  It’s also great to have for a guest room.

Independent apartments and assisted living is expensive.  I’m finding that affordable one-story living is not that easy to find. At least that includes laundry in the home and a garage.  As in my last post, I’ll tell you if you don’t find what you’re looking for, create it.  I know you’re thinking you don’t have the time or resources to manage a renovation.  But it really can be worth the effort.

A bedroom and bath on the first floor is becoming more and more in demand with multi-generational living conditions – even if it’s for an extended stay.  If you or your loved one is in a wheel chair, you will want to consider widening the doorways having enough room in the bathroom,  and a stall shower.  Access in and out of the home is important as well.  Ramps can be purchased or rented. 

It all comes down to quality of life.  Staying in your own home as you age gracefully can be affordable and allow you to be with the people you love.  Easily getting in or  out of your home is important for a change of scenery or attending a family celebration.  Having the freedom to be where you want is possible.  If you need help with finding resources, I’m here to help you.