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What does freedom mean to you?  Freedom to me means having the ability to go where I want.  Usually that means being with family and friends - either at someone's house, in a restaurant, on a beach, or on a boat.  I am fortunate to be able to walk up stairs and drive a car to get where I want to go.  But if I couldn't, I would find a way to get there.  That's why wheel chair accessibility to buildings is so important.  I don't want to see the ones we love isolated due to an access issue.  (stay tuned for another blog about that).  Freedom means to me the ability to make my own choices.  We all have that gift.  Particularly, how we feel about any given situation.  I sometimes catch myself saying, "I didn't have a choice".  But really, I do.  I choose to be grateful for what I have.  Free to be who I am.  Free to give generously - no matter how much money I have.  I can give time.  I can give encouragement.  I have freedom to live where I want.  No matter where it is, I can make it a sanctuary.  You can, too!