Handicap Accessible Project

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This month a project I’ve been working on came to a close.  As a trustee of the Federated Church of Livingston, I help with building repair and renovation projects.  The project we just finished was to renovate the church for handicap accessible doorways and bathroom.   This cause was important to me so that people are not limited to where they wish to go.  No one wants to be isolated due to a physical limitation.  My parents were in wheelchairs at the end of their lives and I so appreciated being able to take them places that were accessible.  When I was 31 I also experienced being in a wheelchair for a few months as a result of a broken leg.  It was challenging, but I was able to get around pretty well.  I even flew to Boston for work!  (prior to my real estate career).

I learned a lot about construction throughout this project.  From the planning to ordering materials to inspection – expect the unexpected, confirm, confirm, confirm,  be patient!  It’s never easy, but worth the effort.  I love seeing improvements to buildings and homes. 

Whether it’s a public building or a home, it’s a lifestyle.  It’s where we go to find sanctuary and community.  I could not be prouder of our little church opening its doors (literally) to welcome everyone. 

Stay tuned for some listings I have coming up with fabulous renovations!    See you in September!