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Funny how things happen. I’d been talking about living near the ocean my whole life!  Well, it’s finally happening!  And now it seems like it came about rather fast.  We purchased a vacant lot in January, put our house on the market, had a tremendous response and are closing in a little more than a month.  We’re renting a condo in the neighborhood where we will be building our next home. 


My husband has been dreaming of building our own home.  We had remodeled our current home and have been enjoying it for the past 26 years; however, we are ready to let someone else enjoy it and we will  take on another creative project.  There are features we will carry over (lots of windows) and features we will enhance (first floor bedroom for us).  No matter where we go, “home” is wherever we’re together.


I empathize with my clients that go through the moving process.  There are so many details to consider.  But I’ve taken my own advice and long before we planned to move, we regularly donated or threw out items we no longer used.  Once we made the decision to move, we started to pack things we wanted to keep, but knew we wouldn’t use for the next few months (seasonal clothing and dishes).  As I write this, tomorrow is moving day and I don’t feel like we are scrambling. 


Update a couple days post move – I can’t lie.  The day of the move was a bit of a scramble.  Luckily, we had some time to move out the rest of our personal belongings.  I highly suggest allowing yourself some time and not try do everything in one day.  


Leaving our old neighborhood was bittersweet. We made good friends, but distance won’t end the relationships.


We feel abundantly blessed in having a smooth harmonious sale.  Whenever you move, I wish this for you as well. 


As always, if you or someone you know wants to start a conversation about moving, please reach out to me.  The end game is worth the short-term stress. 


All the best,