Let Freedom Ring

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Now, more than ever, does the meaning of  “Freedom” hold value to me.  Last year I was thinking of the freedom to travel.  This year, not so much.  As I mentioned last month, I am enjoying the comfort of my backyard – particularly on a day like today with a warm breeze.  

This year, equality is at the forefront of my mind when I think of “Freedom”.  As realtors, we are held to a high legal and ethical standard through the Fair Housing Administration.  Everyone is meant to be treated equally and fairly.  My family enjoys living in a diverse community.  We enjoy learning and experiencing different cultures – creating a well-rounded perspective.  Sounds ideal.  I know the world isn’t. 

However, I believe we are fortunate to live in the United States.  I have faith that we are embarking on an even “newer world”.  Where Freedom will mean more than it did over 200 years ago. 

 Enjoy and celebrate this day, my friend.