Renovation - it's not as hard as you think!

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You can do this!  Most people I work with want move-in ready, updated homes.  I get it.  You don’t have time or necessarily the cash to renovate a home yourself.  But there are so many solutions and benefits to renovating.

Back in the day (25 years ago) when my husband and I were looking for our next home, we could not find (in our budget) some of the features we were accustomed to.  Our townhouse at the time had a fabulous master suite, soaring ceilings, and a two-car garage.  My vision had a kitchen open to the family room, and honestly, how could I give up a walk-in closet??  Oh, and did I mention we were in a declining market???  In order to move on and get what we wanted, we sold our townhouse for less than what we bought it for!  We bought a home well below our budget , compromised on some features (one car garage) and made some initial renovations (hello walk-in closet).  A few years later we added the family room which is open to the kitchen.  The point is we took a house in a location we were happy with and made it our own.  We both had more than full time jobs, two small children, and were able to manage it.  We’re still in that home – 25 years later!  You can have your dream home, too! 

 What you may not realize is even if you don’t have cash for a renovation, there is a way to finance it.  Check out my video interview on this topic.  You can find it on my website: under the  “Videos” tab. 

 If you would like to talk to me about your dream home, give me a call at 201 417 9665.  It’s my favorite subject!