Thanksgiving 2020

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Thanksgiving 2020


This year I have much to be grateful for.  My family is not only surviving, but we thriving. 

The hardest was not being able to visit with my daughter in CA.  But I am optimistic we will see each other soon.  I am grateful she has her adorable dog to keep her company and entertained. She sends us the funniest videos! 

Business has been a record year.  I am grateful my clients have been able to make positive lifestyle changes: move closer to family, one-floor living, down-size, flip, have a yard for a growing family. 

I have enjoyed my own home more than ever.  My husband made several improvements: outdoor firepit, outdoor lighting, our storage room got an upgrade (I now call it the mud room), front step railing.  I am grateful we had some gorgeous weather to be outside visiting with friends.

Mostly, I am keeping the spirit of this holiday with me every day.  When I am in a state of appreciation, life is so magnificent.  I am learning to be grateful for the challenges as well.  Negotiations aren’t easy, but I strive for respectful communications resulting in peaceful solutions. 

May your days be filled with a lifestyle that brings you peace, joy, and love – particularly in the home of your dreams!