Why I work in Real Estate

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Real Estate

Why I became a realtor?  To make a difference.  This story goes back to when I was a sophomore in high school.  My parents were looking for a new home and I absolutely loved searching with them.  They were looking for a home with less steps after my mother had broken her leg.  I realize now I was using my creativity in renovation (a skill I love to use today) to give them ideas how they could create the lifestyle they were looking for (ie where the put the laundry on the first floor). 


My career in real estate, however, was put aside in favor of a steady income.  Door after door opened as I worked my way up the corporate ladder.  For twenty years I worked in Business Development and Account Management.  Until one snow storm in February, everything came to head trying to manage my job, my kids, and my new puppy.  It was time to pursue my dream in real estate.  I jumped head first off the corporate ladder!


I sold my stock options and started my career in real estate.  I was able to meet clients from open houses my first year and earned the title of “Rookie of the Year”.  I also realized my dream of helping an investor flip a house.  It was so fulfilling to be included in the design.  I just loved that project.  I continue to enjoy helping clients get their homes ready to sell.  I also love the process of helping clients search for that home that will become their sanctuary.  I believe a home is not just a house, but a lifestyle. 


Once again reflecting on decisions my parents were faced with has pointed me to a particular niche in my career and passion to help others.  At the point that neither my parents were able to drive, they made the decision to move to a continuum of care facility.  Over the course of 20 years they lived in an independent apartment, assisted living and nursing home.  This is a subject I could talk about for hours!!  I’ll save that for another time!  After being in real estate for 12 years, I earned my certification as a Senior Real Estate Specialist.   I’m passionate about sharing my parents’ experiences to help others in making lifestyle changes.  It’s all about quality of life and aging gracefully (which by the way, you’re never too young to start).  Again, a whole other subject for another time…