Budget-Friendly Ways Dog Owners Can Keep a Spotless Home

As much as we love our dogs, there’s not much to love about the messes that come with them. Left unchecked, it doesn’t take long for your puppy’s fur, dander, saliva, and odors to take over your entire household. Since buying cleaning supplies can really eat into your treats and bones budget, we’ve compiled some of our favorite tips on how to save money on the things that keep your dog-friendly house clean.

Be Smart with Price Comparisons
Price comparing used to mean sifting through the Sunday paper advertisements and clipping coupons. Thankfully, the process is much simpler nowadays thanks to the internet. Stock up on budget-friendly cleaning supplies by looking for special offers or deals from big retailers like Amazon. With a cursory online search, you can track down the best coupon codes, in-store offers, and cashback opportunities that will save you the most money.

An Ounce of Prevention...
...is worth a pound of cure. You know the old Ben Franklin saying. Its wisdom applies to tidiness as much as it applies to fire departments. The best way to minimize the amount of mess your dog creates is through proper obedience training, plenty of exercise and regular grooming. A well-trained dog is a happy dog, and a happy dog is less likely to exhibit destructive behaviors out of anxiety. The same goes for exercise -- regular walks and off-leash play time allows your dog to release pent-up energy in the appropriate manner so they don’t take it out on your floors and furniture. Finally, regular grooming can mitigate shedding and prevent things like scratched-up floors due to uncut nails. The number one way to save money on dog grooming? Do it yourself. If you’re not confident in your obedience-training abilities, check out sites like Groupon for local discounts from professionals.

Remove Odors from Carpets
Sometimes, your pup’s presence is notable even when he isn’t in the room-- through his stench. When this happens, it is definitely time to deep clean those carpets. Surprisingly, you don’t have to invest in a steam cleaner to get rid of deep-down pet stains. There are various ways to remove odors with simple and cost-effective products like vinegar, baking soda, and pet enzyme digester you can buy in bulk and dilute. You can also look for online coupons or weekly deals for carpet-cleaning products from retailers like Walmart. If the odors are really stinking up your house and a steam cleaner is your best option, check out weekly deals from stores like Lowe’s to see if they’re offering discounts on steam cleaner rentals.

Make Meal Time More Efficient
Your dog is so grateful when you feed him, so can you really blame him for how excited he gets at dinner? Unfortunately, all that excitement can lead to spilled food and water all over your clean floors. You can prevent spills by placing a rubber-backed placemat underneath his bowls that keep them stationary and your floors clean. Make sure to wash your pup’s bowls and the mats about once or twice a week to ensure they don’t collect dust, dirt, and grime. You can also keep his food fresher and prevent pests by investing in some smaller, reusable plastic containers and divvying up your bulk bags for easier access. Look for online promos or in-store offers from go-to stores like Target for pet food containers, doggy bags and even pet food.

DIY Stations for Doggy Bags
It’s important to always pick up after your dog’s -- ahem -- messes. Dog feces contains harmful bacteria, viruses, and parasites that can harm other animals ... including people. Always have a baggy on hand by placing dispensers around the yard for easy access. This DIY project will cost you less than $20 on materials, and you can stock it with recycled plastic bags from the supermarket instead of having to buy more of those overpriced ones from the pet store.


Your dog is worth the messes, but it doesn’t make you a bad dog parent if you want to save money on cleaning supplies. Use the power of the internet to find the best deals on essential products. Prevent messes by training your dog, giving him plenty of exercise, and grooming regularly. Avoid expensive steam cleaner rentals and remove odors from carpets with inexpensive ingredients such as white vinegar. Prevent mealtime messes with a rubber backed mat under your dog’s bowls, and always
have a doggy bag on hand by making DIY stations that provide easy access at every corner of your yard.